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The Art of the Audition

The Art of the Audition


A one hour in depth look at auditions: how to approach them and how to stand out and do your best work. If your narration is solid but you're struggling to book work, or even if you're killing it out there but want to give yourself that extra competitive edge, this class will give you ideas and tips about how to improve your auditions. This class was recorded over zoom.

  • In this class, you'll learn...

    • What you need to know to bring an audition to life
    • How to gather that information using only the audition text and title page on ACX or Amazon
    • What to pay attention to and what to ignore
    • The simple thing you can do to make your auditions shine in that all-important first 30 seconds and entice the rights holder to listen all the way to the end
    • How to change your relationship to auditions so they become a fun opportunity instead of a chore
    • Common audition pitfalls and mistakes
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