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Emily Lawrence delivers an expert narration... 
Fans of fantasy and mystery will appreciate Lawrence's ability to ratchet up the suspense with each shocking revelation.
- AudioFile Magazine

Emily is the award winning narrator of 550+ audiobooks for Macmillan, Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins, Hachette, and many others. She mostly records from her home studio in Los Angeles but can also visit studios in LA or NY. Emily loves snarky heroines, morally ambiguous dark fantasies, nerdy coming of age novels, or anything that indulges her penchant for finding common humanity in the unlikeliest places.

Scroll down for accent demos.

Screenshot 2022-04-07 180111.png
Emily Lawrence offers a chilling performance of this dark, witchy audiobook. Amity is chosen to become a saint of Haven... Lawrence perfectly conveys the pseudo-Puritan rhetoric of Haven in an authoritative voice full of conviction. Her vocal versatility gives strong emotions to a wide array of unique characters. She provides a particularly strong performance of an angry coven of
witches who are ready to take back their power from the men who have abused them. Lawrence's commanding narration perfectly suits this story of vengeance.
- AudioFile Magazine
Lawrence's voice reflects Elle's anger in tones that range from cruel sarcasm to cold and calculating... Lawrence captures the building suspense that is the driving force of this novel...  neither the narrator nor the author spare listeners from the story's emotional intensity.
- AudioFile Magazine
 With just a shift in breath or a slowing of pace, narrator Emily Lawrence conveys the shame, guilt, and deep self-loathing within the troubled youngest sister- AudioFile Magazine
Emily Lawrence delivers this slow burn teen romance in a cool tone... Lawrence fills the dialogue with personality and passion. The characters have a complexity that makes them satisfyingly realistic- AudioFile Magazine
Emily Lawrence Audiobook Narrator
Lawrence’s voice is sweet and sassy for Annie, and she tops if off with an upbeat twang that exudes bubbly Southern charm.
- AudioFile Magazine

Emily is adept at learning accents. Accents already used in her narrations: General American, New York, Southern (Nashville, Deep South, Texan, Ozark), Midwest, Minnesota/Canadian, British (RP, Yorkshire, Cockney), French, Russian, Irish, Greek, Indian, German, Yiddish, South African, Israeli, Egyptian, Turkish, Hispanic, Italian, Australian, Polish, and Romanian.

Emily is conversant in Yiddish, Arabic, and Spanish and has a beginners' proficiency in Hebrew, Czech, and Vietnamese.

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