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Handling the Hard Stuff

Handling the Hard Stuff


We love narrating audiobooks but not every aspect of our job is easy or fun. Some things are just hard. Here, we discuss a few of the trickier aspects of managing our own narration businesses. This one hour group class was recorded on zoom.

  • In this class, you'll learn...

    • How to handle nasty, negative reviews
    • How to handle nit-picky publishers and authors
    • How to handle the rate negotiation for your work and how to respond when an author doesn't want to pay what you're worth
    • How to recover when you started out with "junk" books and learned the hard way when entering the business.
    • How to deal with illness or have an unexpected delay.
  • Testimonials

    "Hoo-boy, I didn't think I needed this session until suddenly I *really* needed this session. Thanks for having this available - it helped me navigate a very difficult exchange with a right's holder with grace, and sort out my own feelings on the matter as well." - Carrie Coello, Audiobook Narrator

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