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Full Time Narrator Business Skills - Client Relationships

Full Time Narrator Business Skills - Client Relationships

3 hours and 40 minutes of material giving you specific, actionable tools for building and maintaining relationships with clients.
This is part two of a business course designed to help narrators learn the tools they need to go full time, work with publishers, and take their careers to the next level. This course builds on the tools learned in the Branding and Marketing course and is less impactful without it. It's highly recommended you take both courses.


It's also possible to purchase this course with guidance, which includes two 30 minute check-ins to work where Emily will work with you one-on-one to help you fine-tune your cover letters to indie authors and publishers as well as answer any questions raised during the course. Return to the general store to chose this option instead.


This course does not cover anything to do with audiobook performance or setting up your recording space to meet publisher or ACX specs. It's recommended you already have these things in place before taking this course.

  • Testimonials

    "I just wanted to share the good news! I successfully negotiated a PFH deal through a cold email!!! I'm one hundred percent sure that this was made possible because of your coaching re: website building and cold letter writing. Not only that, but responses indicating interest and asking for more information have increased. I'm just super excited! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Raquel Beattie, Audiobook Narrator

  • What's Included?

    In part two of this course, we take a deep dive into how to build relationships with potential clients and work on the tools needed to make a great impression. The course includes:
    • Creating relationships with indie clients - 30 min
      • Where and how to find indie clients
      • How to approach them
      • Tips for ways to build relationships with them
      • Read cold submissions that narrators have sent to authors and learn why they weren't effective
      • Tips for how to make an effective cold submission
    • Author Cover Letters - 40 min
      • Emily works with four narrators on their reworked cold submission letters and helps them strengthen them further
      • Answers to questions about cold submissions and building author relationships
    • Publishers are People - 60 min
      • How to know when you're ready to approach publishers
      • How to meet publishers
      • The tools you need to effectively market your services to publishers
      • Tips for building and maintaining relationships with publishers
      • Why building relationships with publishers should be empowering, not intimidating
    • Writing publisher cover letters - 70 min
      • Tips for how to write cover letters to publishers you've never met or have just met for the first time
      • Watch Emily work with four narrators on their cover letters to make them even more effective
    • How to Go full time - 20 min
      • How to use the tools learned in both parts of this course in order to build a sustainable career
      • How you know when you're ready to quit your day job
      • Final words of encouragement


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