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Business Basics and Financial Know-How

Business Basics and Financial Know-How


A one hour class that covers the basics of running your audiobook narration business and becoming a financially savvy business owner (and person!).

  • In this class, you'll learn...

    • A budgeting system that helps you feel EMPOWERED and take control over your finances (and life)
    • How to use financial data to determine how you structure your business (rates, sheduling, etc)
    • A rundown about taxes for independent contractors
    • Business basics like having separate business bank accounts and credit cards
    • When it's time to incorporate into an LLC or S-Corp and the benefits of doing so
    • The benefits of joining SAG-AFTRA and how it works
    • The deal about having a proper contract for agreements outside ACX
    • Invoicing and payment methods
    • Accounting software
    • And more!
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