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Bringing the Words to Life - Part Two of Find Your Voice Audiobook Performanc

Bringing the Words to Life - Part Two of Find Your Voice Audiobook Performanc


Learn to find the truth of the moment by using your authentic connection to the text and create compelling performances that are uniquely yours. Silence your inner critic and find freedom and playfulness in your narration. Create dynamic and fully dimensional characters who draw your listeners in. Learn to trust yourself, stop judging yourself, get out of your head and get lost in the story.


Since Emily's approach is so different from traditional methods, narrators of all levels will find the course chock full of tips, tricks, and helpful tools. From newer narrators looking for a solid foundation to experienced narrators trying to revitalize their work or just find more joy in it, there's something for everyone.


This course builds on the foundation laid in the Interpreting the Text performance course. While it's not required to take that course first, it is highly recommended. The full course is also available in the course downloads section of this site.

  • Testimonials

    "For me, it was enormously enjoyable and jam packed with useful information. I know it may be a little awkward teaching over a zoom call vs. in person, but I think you did great. It was amazing to watch you go through the thought processes you were teaching. I could see and hear you changing as you did it, so immensely cool and inspiring. It really comes across that you care about what you do, and care about making the people you are working with better. I really enjoy the process you teach and its simplicity. This class has given me a ton to think about, and I am chewing on thoughts about my path forward."

    -Joel Righetti, audiobook narrator

  • What's Included?

    In this 5 hour 41 minute course, we'll address:

    • Authenticity - finding YOUR voice
    • Developing a mindset of freedom and creativity in the booth that allows for flow and focus
    • Creating characters and their voices (including of other genders)
    • Self-direction while silencing the inner critic
    • Tone, pacing, and the effect genre has on them
    • How to narrate different POVs (1st, 3rd, non-fiction)
    • How to deal with narrating books you don't like
    • How to start each recording session focused and in the moment and not feel like you have to warm up to it

    Each participant will have the opportunity to submit a recorded sample up to five minutes in length and receive notes and pointers on ways to improve your performance at the end of the course.

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