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Vocal Health For Audiobook Narrators and Voice Actors Preview

Vocal Health For Audiobook Narrators and Voice Actors Preview

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  • 55 minute vocal health overview, including proper vocal technique, diaphragmatic breathing, hydration, posture, vocal fry, and other key things to be mindful of in regards to vocal health.

  • 36 minute interview with a Speech Language Pathologist Assistant to answer questions from a medical perspective.

  • A full 85 minute vocal warm up buffet showing a full range of warm up exercises to choose from in order to design a warm up that fits your vocal health struggles and needs. Exercises include stretching, vocal instrument tension release, diaphragmatic breathing, phonation, and articulator exercises.

Before watching Emily’s Vocal Health for Narrators I was in bad shape - I couldn’t narrate a full page without my voice hurting. Now I am happy to say I just finished a 6 hour recording day and it is 100% due to what I learned from Emily. I recommend it to everyone I know, even non narrators who speak a lot for work.

- Melanie Carey, Audiobook Narrator

I purchased Emily's vocal health videos because I've always struggled with maintaining a healthy voice and range throughout my recording day. She takes the time to explore many areas where physical and emotional health can contribute to vocal strain, and demonstrates a variety of simple ways to address these issues. There is so much useful information and so many practical exercises that have been a great help in increasing my productivity each day.

- Laura Larson, Audiobook Narrator

Vocal Health for Audiobook Narrators and Voice Actors

Three hours of content on vocal health for audiobook narrators, voice actors, and others who want to better understand the basics of maintaining a healthy speaking voice when you have to use it all day long. Our voices are our key business commodity. If they're not in tip top shape, not only can we not deliver a quality product to our clients, the time we spend working will be more limited or less effective. Most of my clients don't even realize some of their scheduling and work flow issues stem from a vocal health problem. They don't realize they could take on more work if their voices were healthier or they'd get through their work more efficiently with fewer mistakes if they just warmed up properly. Taking care of our voices is taking care of business!

An effective warm up is more than tongue twisters, but so many narrators stop at just that. You wouldn't go for a five hour run around the neighborhood without warming up properly, so don't do it to your voice! Many narrators don't know where to start, especially if they don't have a theater acting or singing background. It's hard to know what you don't know.

I struggled with vocal health for most of my career. It took me years to get to the bottom of what was causing my issues. I saw multiple ENTs who kept telling me I was healthy. I went to a speech pathologist for a year, which helped correct a lot of bad habits but still didn't eliminate the vocal fatigue I struggled with. When I finally figured out the problem, it totally changed not only my business but my quality of life. Along the way, I learned a lot about vocal health. I'm not a medical professional and this video is not meant to diagnose any medical problem. Rather, it is a guide on how to maintain a healthy voice when you have to use it all day, every day. If you struggle with vocal health, these videos may help you identify where you can optimize your routine or just give you more tools to pull out when you need them.


Your voice is your unique instrument to create art and tell stories. Make sure you're taking the best care of it you can.

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